Cookie Policy
The Cookie Policy (hereinafter referred to as the "Policy") is applied in addition
to the general Privacy Policy.
1. What are cookies and what is they used for
Cookies are small pieces of data with service information about the site visit that the server sends to your device. Cookies store information about your preferences, allow you to view the sites you have visited for a certain time in a more convenient mode for you. For example, thanks to cookies, Services offer you to view information in the language you usually use.

2. What cookies does it use uses various types of cookies. The main task in using them is to ensure the convenience of your work, maintain a high level of security in their work, keep track of the audience, page transitions, and so on. All cookies belong to one of the following types:
Technical cookies that are necessary for the proper operation and provision of the full functionality of the site. They are installed automatically and provide the possibility of authentication and subsequent authorization in the Services.
Other cookies perform various service functions and make it easier to work with the site and services.
Yandex may use web beacons (pixel tags) to access cookies previously placed on your device. Their use is necessary to analyze your actions when working with the Services by accessing and using cookies stored on your device to collect statistics about the operation of the Services themselves.
The Google Analytics web analytics tool, which is used by Yandex, allows you to collect anonymized information about traffic sources, site traffic and evaluate the effectiveness of advertising. To account for visitors, Google Analytics uses anonymous browser identifiers that
are stored in cookies. You can read more about Google Analytics cookies on the page
Disabling some of these types of cookies may make it impossible to use certain sections or functions of the Services. For example, access to sections of Services that require authorization is provided by technical cookies and without their use the site may not work correctly.
3. How long are cookies stored on your device
Bubble Boom uses session cookies to make it easier for you to work with the Services. For example, using the cookie cookie_check, session cookies expire at the end of the session (when you close the page or browser window).
Yandex may also use cookies that are stored for a longer period, for example, to remember your preferences on the Services, such as language or location. The data retention period depends on the type of cookies. Such cookies will be automatically deleted after they have completed their task. uses the information contained in cookies during the terms and conditions specified in this Policy, as well as in the Privacy Policy.
4. Cookie Management
When visiting the Services for the first time in a pop-up window (or using another technical solution) you may be asked to select the types of cookies that will be recorded on your device.
At the same time, technical cookies are set automatically when the page loads, unless otherwise specified in the browser settings. If you approved the use of cookies, but then wanted to change your mind, then you can do it yourself by deleting the saved files in your browser.
You can also change the settings for displaying personalized ads or disable such ads.